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We are KC’s Premier Painting Company and our Residential painting services stand out from the rest. From the day you receive your FREE quote, up to the completion of your project, the owner of PBJ Painting is handling your requests. This ensures that your needs are being met on a timely basis throughout your project.

PBJ Painting is locally owned and operated. There are many large painting companies in Kansas City that want you to think they are a local company when in fact the owner(s) are hundreds if not thousands of miles away. We believe in keeping and spending our money locally. Where ever possible, we will hire and spend locally, helping keep Kansas City a strong, beautiful and vibrant city.

PBJ Painting is one of the few companies that use a true two coat paint system ensuring your home remains beautiful for many years to come.

PBJ Painting offers an Industry leading 5 YEAR WARRANTY (decks and fences excluded) on all the work they perform at your home.

PBJ Painting offers FREE, Professional, onsite color consultation to all of our clients. This helps to takes the guess work out of choosing colors for both interior and exterior painting.

What We Do

No Deposit

PBJ Painting never requires a deposit. We do this for 3 reasons.

1. PBJ Painting is a financially strong company and we don’t need to use your deposit to buy materials to get the project started.

2. PBJ Painting feels so strongly about your job satisfaction, that we and all of our painters treat your project as a “pay for performance project”. This means you don’t pay for the project without being satisfied with the results…

3. PBJ Painting knows that there are many unscrupulous painting companies out there just waiting to take your money and run. With our “NEVER A DEPOSIT” policy and “PAY FOR PERFORMANCE” philosophy, you never have to worry about losing your hard earned money.

PBJ painting believes communication throughout the project is critical to a quality job and satisfied customer. Our kind and courteous painters will communicate on a daily basis making sure you are aware of the status of the service. We strive to keep the area clean and safe and will return your property back to its original state when the job is done.

Color Consultation

There is great satisfaction in choosing the colors and designing a new look for your home or business, but many people are intimidated by selecting a color that is right for the room?  PBJ Painting provides no cost, expert guidance to help you enhance your home or office. We bring you a touch of color and the assurance of a protected and beautiful space.  


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